Principal Consultants

Robyn Hunt

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Robyn is an award winning journalist and communicator. In 2013 she won the Making a Difference and Supreme Awards in the New Zealand Attitude Awards.Robyn Hunt She has won awards for excellence in communication, (training), a media peace prize, (radio) and an award for services to blind and vision impaired people. She has an ONZM for services to disabled people.

Robyn is acknowledged as a leading disability expert with an international reputation, contributing to international and national conferences, forums and working groups.

An expert in the creation of readable, accessible information for print, radio, TV and the web, she believes that writing for each medium in a way that will engage the widest audience is an important element of accessibility along with technical features. 

Her deep and wide knowledge and understanding of the disability world gives her insight into the sometimes intractable strategic disability issues.

Robyn’s extensive networks enable us to take a focused and inclusive view of information accessibility, and gather a unique panel of disabled web site testers for our real world testing, as well as helping diverse organisations engage with disabled people.

Experience in public relations means Robyn is skilled at working with disabled and non-disabled people, helping them work productively together.

Robyn served eight years as a human rights commissioner, working on disability at the New Zealand Human Rights Commission. She regularly visited the United Nations in New York with the New Zealand team negotiating the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). New Zealand has ratified the CRPD which includes specific provisions on information access and education about disability. She has worked on monitoring it.

An innovator who has developed successful media and communications projects including New Zealand’s first disability television series, Robyn worked in policy and management roles and as a writer and broadcaster before establishing her own consulting, training and freelance writing business.

Robyn has represented disabled web users, on the government Web Standards Working Group.

She is one of two New Zealand Representatives on ICTA, Rehabilitation International (RI) International Commission on Technology and Accessibility.

Robyn belongs to several professional organisations.


Robyn’s strengths include:

  • Project development and management
  • Writing for the web and for diverse audiences
  • Networking and relationship building with wide national and international connections in the disability world
  • A wide and deep understanding of disability issues and experience and the disability community
  • An ability to bring together diverse groups and issues to produce win-win outcomes
  • A clear understanding of the business benefits of accessibility.

She also has links with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


Robyn has a BA(Hons) and a diploma in public sector management.

Robyn's blog

Robyn's blog is Low Visionary ( a blog about disability issues, disability rights, information and web accessibility. 

Mike Osborne

LinkedIn Logo. Mike has been involved with leading edge innovation in the area of "at a glance" dashboard reporting and measurement techniques. He is also a partner in an effective meetings practice as a meetings designer, trainer and facilitator.Mike OsborneMike has a long background in Information Technology and been involved with the internet since the mid-90s. He has focussed on software quality, methodology and software usability. Mike was a past president of Software Quality New Zealand.

Since 2000, Mike has been engaged as a business and Information Technology consultant working with both private and public organisations.

Mike brings a wealth of technical experience to AccEase and his focus on simple presentation of information and usability naturally lead him into the accessibility field.


  • Big picture thinker
  • Experienced consultant in private and public sectors
  • Can bridge technical and "business" areas
  • Has "real world" web development experience.

Mike's blog

Mike writes blog posts to Customer Centred ( a blog that looks at web design, usability and customer service.