Following the NZ ratification of the CRPD, and considering their obligations under the NZ disability Strategy, Statistics New Zealand planned a proactive and strategic approach to their obligations.

They wanted to make sure their services were easily available to all customers. They were also interested in making sure that disabled staff had equal opportunities in their workplace.

What we did

Having spent some time discussing a range of options we settled on an induction package for all new staff, a short interactive disability responsiveness workshop with some key staff, and a review of a section of a field manual to update disability-related content and language. The induction package for the organisation’s intranet included captioned video clips presented by Robyn accompanied by written materials introducing disability for their staff induction process.


As a result key staff were more comfortable and confident about disability issues within their organisation, and the way they could relate to their customers and work with their own disabled staff. Statistics New Zealand had acquired some institutional knowledge and had met some important obligations.