The CCS Disability Action website needs to be a fully accessible website. That means that the information should be easily accessed by people with a wide range of disabilities, for example, blindness, vision impairments, keyboard-only users, mouse only users and people with reading difficulties.

What we did

AccEase worked with CCS Disability Action from inception to implementation. This included assessment and advice on the information architecture and visual design before any construction began. We also reviewed the technology that was going to be used to ensure that the site would be delivering accessible, standards compliant HTML.

Some of the early assessments and advice was related as much to usability as accessibility and ensuring that users would find the site relevant and useful.

Once the site was built and populated with content, we did a complete assessment of the site from a technical perspective using the WCAG standards. We also worked with CCS Disability Action to determine common tasks that users would undertake on the website. These tasks were then completed by our testing panel of people with a range of disabilities who provided feedback on how hard/easy the tasks were to complete and what elements of the site had helped or hindered task completion. Where the website had failed technically or in the user test, changes were made to address the issues.


The site went live into an audience that had high demands of the site's accessibility. Feedback provided by the user community was very positive and CCS Disability Action's 24/7 shopfront provides accessible information and demonstrates its commitment to inclusiveness.