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6.4 Internet Party

Home page Internet Party website


6.4.1 Overall Findings

A modern looking website with plenty of tricks that may be confusing to more conservative users or people accessing the site via assistive technology.

Jumping to Google Docs without warning could confuse a screen reader user.

People with disabilities are often high internet users, so they are an audience that the Internet Party may not want to ignore.

The downloadable Action Agenda PDF didn't magnify well in Acrobat (reflow ineffective). White on purple could be difficult to read for some and would be an expensive page to print for most people.

Note: The assessment did not include the Policy Incubator.

6.4.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

Neither provided. A sitemap would be helpful for users who wanted to get directly to policies.

6.4.3 Hyperlinks visible

On the Contacts page the email links look very similar to the sub-headings.

6.4.4 Syntax

4 errors – the best of the group, however unusual coding of links on the News page would provide a difficulty for assistive technology users.

6.4.5 Headline hierarchy

Not used syntactically to show internal page hierarchy, just used for formatting headings.

6.4.6 Read more

Unusual coding means that links aren’t visible to screen readers.

6.4.7 Keyboard only

No highlights, no skip links to content and links to past news items weren’t accessible via the tab key.

6.4.8 Colour Contrast

Mostly OK, but dates were too pale and “Load more” news items were too pale.

6.4.9 Alt text

Images are background images via CSS not using the img element so no alt text possible.

6.4.10 NZSL Video

The candidate selection process speeches had sign language interpreters and the video of the interpreters was loaded separately. However, both sets of videos have since been removed from the site. Other than that there is no NZSL video.

6.4.11 Video/captions

No videos on the website.

6.4.12 Rich Experience

The site is heavily text-based, there were few images and no video.