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6.5 Labour

Home page Labour Party website


6.5.1 Overall Findings

The website is reasonably accessible to disabled users. Where the site is weak is in the same areas that most of the other sites are weak too.

The "Read More" is elegantly coded on the Media page but there are other "Click here..." links that are ambiguous on the website.

The default text size is quite small and may present a difficulty to older users.

6.5.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

No discrete sitemap, no breadcrumbs but a pseudo sitemap in the bottom menu.

6.5.3 Hyperlinks visible

Yes, they are red, not underlined which may make then difficult for colour blind users.

6.5.4 Syntax

30 errors, many of the errors from duplicate nodes.

6.5.5 Heading structure and hierarchy

Reasonably good use of headings to show page structure and hierarchy.

6.5.6 ead more

The Media page is elegantly coded – Read More for visual browsers and the full text for screen readers. However, the links in the rotating banner have "Click here for more details..." and there are some "Click here for more" on other pages.

6.5.7 Keyboard only

The skip link to content is not revealed or accessible in a visual browser. Links on the rest of the page are not highlighted under focus.

6.5.8 Colour Contrast

Overall is OK. Links in red may be difficult for colour blind users, underlining would be helpful.

6.5.9 Alt text

No alt text on images. On the upside, the only site to present a graph but there was no explanation of the graphic for low-vision or blind users. Note: These descriptions can help more than just these people as not everyone can read a graph well.

6.5.10 NZSL Video

None on the site.

6.5.11 Video/captions

The site does include video but they do not have captions or transcripts.

6.5.12 Rich Experience

Heading towards a rich xperience with content in text and video. Site has a few images, and a graph – however, let down by no alt text. A fair amount of content supplied in PDF format, some of which is an extension of the site HTML content. The PDF that was downloaded was accessible.