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6.6 Mana

Home page Mana Party website


6.6.1 Overall Findings

The site is a simple, straightforward site however there are enough pages to warrant the addition of breadcrumbs and/or a sitemap to aid navigation.

The site does present a few barriers to people with disabilities.

6.6.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap


6.6.3 Hyperlinks visible

Yes, they are distinct from the text.

6.6.4 Syntax

10 errors were found.

6.6.5 Heading structure and hierarchy

Reasonably good use of headings to show page structure and hierarchy.

6.6.6 Read more

There are “Click Here” links on the site which are ambiguous to screen reader users.

6.6.7 Keyboard only

No skip links to content or any highlighting of links in focus.

6.6.8 Colour Contrast

The “Help” and “Recent Panui” are a bit faint otherwise all OK.

6.6.9 Alt text

Few images have alt text.

6.6.10 NZSL Video

No sign language videos.

6.6.11 Video/captions

No video.

6.6.12 Rich Experience

Predominantly a text-heavy site, some images.