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6.7 Māori Party

Home page Māori Party website


6.7.1 Overall Findings

This site is a simple, straightforward website. Text colour passes the standard but the font is very fine, something more solid may be easier to read.

6.7.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

There are no breadcrumbs or sitemap. A sitemap would be helpful for users who want to go straight to a page and to check if the content they're looking for exists.

6.7.3 Hyperlinks visible

Hyperlinks are red, sometimes bold and sometimes not. They are not underlined.

6.7.4 Syntax

34 errors were found.

6.7.5 Headline hierarchy

Headings are used for formatting not for representing the structure of the page.

6.7.6 Read more

Multiple "Read more" links on pages.

6.7.7 Keyboard only

In Google Chrome, the Facebook widget is a keyboard trap, it works satisfactorily in Firefox and IE though.

There are no skiplinks to jump straight to content.

6.7.8 Colour Contrast

There is adequate contrast between text and background in most parts of the site. However, the font is very fine and may present some difficulties for older readers and those with vision impairments.

6.7.9 Alt text

Images are displayed as background images in CSS making no alt text possible.

6.7.10 NZSL Video

No sign language videos.

6.7.11 Video/captions

There is no video on the site.

6.7.12 Rich Experience

The site is text heavy. There are images but mostly as decoration.