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6.8 National

Home page National Party website


6.8.1 Overall Findings

The site presents information using a range of methods. While the text/background contrast is OK for text, there are navigation elements that vision impaired users could struggle with.

However the site can pop new windows without warning when clicking links.

6.8.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

The website does have breadcrumbs but they are set off to the right of the page which is a non-standard position.

There is no sitemap.

6.8.3 Hyperlinks visible

These are not readily visible as they are pale blue and difficult to distinguish from non-link text and they are not underlined, although some are once the mouse hovers over them.

6.8.4 Syntax

10 errors were found.

6.8.5 Headline hierarchy

Headings are used for formatting not for representing the structure of the page.

6.8.6 Read more

No "Read Mores" were found, the titles of the news items were the links to the full item.

6.8.7 Keyboard only

Links are not highlighted as the Tab key progresses through the links.

There are no skiplinks to jump straight to content.

6.8.8 Colour Contrast

Multiple instances of white on pale blue, also pale blue on white that do not have sufficient contrast.

6.8.9 Alt text

Images are displayed as background images using CSS so there is no alt text on images.

6.8.10 NZSL Video

No sign language videos.

6.8.11 Video/captions

The site does include video clips, these have captions but no transcripts.

6.8.12 Rich Experience

The site includes text, images and video.