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6.9 New Zealand First

Home page New Zealand First website


6.9.1 Overall Findings

This website is a simple, straightforward website that provides information in text, image and video.

Some content is in PDF, 2014 Election Manifesto, and is an accessible PDF document.

6.9.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

The site has no breadcrumbs but does provide a pseudo sitemap at the bottom of the pages.

6.9.3 Hyperlinks visible

Yes - blue and underlined, although black and underlined on the News page.

6.9.4 Syntax

2 errors found, missing alt attributes.

6.9.5 Headline hierarchy

The site page structure is reflected in the heading hierarchy.

6.9.6 Read more

The "Read More" links are elegantly coded to show only "Read More" in the visual browser but the full text is available to screen readers.

6.9.7 Keyboard only

Links are not highlighted when tabbed to but there is a "Skip to content" and "Skip to navigation" link which are revealed on tabbing to them.

6.9.8 Colour Contrast

Text contrast is OK, but links to social media at bottom of page and in the middle of the home page are too pale.

6.9.9 Alt text

There is minimal alt text applied to the images on the site.

6.9.10 NZSL Video

No sign language videos.

6.9.11 Video/captions

There is video on the site but no captions or transcripts.

6.9.12 Rich Experience

The site has text, images and video.