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6.10 United Future

Home page United Future website


6.10.1 Overall Findings

A simple, straightforward site. Text contrast is OK but the left hand menu needs to be darker.

6.10.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

The website has breadcrumbs but no sitemap.

6.10.3 Hyperlinks visible

Hyperlinks are purple and not underlined, even when mouse hovers.

6.10.4 Syntax

13 errors were found.

6.10.5 Headline hierarchy

The headline elements reflect the page structure.

6.10.6 Read more

The site has ambiguous "Read More" links

6.10.7 Keyboard only

There is a "Skip to content" link that is revealed when tabbed to, but links are not highlighted when tabbed to.

6.10.8 Colour Contrast

The body text to background is OK but the left hand menu is too pale.

6.10.9 Alt text

The few images have no alt text.

6.10.10 NZSL Video

No sign language videos.

6.10.11 Video/captions

There is no video on the site.

6.10.12 Rich Experience

The site is predominantly text.