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6.1 Act Party

Home page ACT Party website


6.1.1 Overall Findings

Fairly basic site, few images, some alt text. Overall relatively easy to use – primarily because it’s a basic site and doesn’t provide a rich experience. Constitution was available only in PDF format. There was some Chinese language content offered.

6.1.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

No breadcrumbs, “sitemap” block at bottom of page. Simple site not a lot of content or depth of links.

6.1.3 Hyperlinks visible

There were no hyperlinks embedded in the text of the pages.

6.1.4 Syntax

21 errors found.

6.1.5 Headline hierarchy

Followed heading hierarchy OK.

6.1.6 Read more

Treated elegantly, “Read More” visible on screen and unambiguous link “Read More about Policy” available to screen readers.

6.1.7 Keyboard only

Skip links (skip to content) revealed on first stroke of tab key. However, in general, links in focus were not highlighted in any way.

6.1.8 Colour Contrast

No Issues. The branding colours are kept away from the text area. Text easy to read.

6.1.9 Alt text

There were only a few images on the site, some of these had alt text.

6.1.10 NZSL Video

There was no NZSL video.

6.1.11 Video/captions

There was no video in the site.

6.1.12 Rich Experience

The site is a simple text heavy website that doesn't provide a rich experience.