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6.2 Conservative Party

 Home page Conservative Party website


6.2.1 Overall Findings

The site looks fresh and engaging, There are images and text, bullet points, numbered lists which are helpful to a range of users.

However, the site is completely inaccessible to keyboard only users as there are no anchor elements in the HTML coding. This would also impact on screen reader users.

6.2.2    Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

There are neither breadcrumbs nor a sitemap page.

6.2.3    Hyperlinks visible

Yes they are in a different colour but the blue text doesn’t meet the colour contrast standard and there is no underlining until the mouse hovers the link.

6.2.4 Syntax

8 minor errors. While this site technically looked to be compliant, the anchor element was not used which means that hyperlinks are not accessible to screen readers.

6.2.5 Headline hierarchy

None found. Headings were denoted in visual browsers by assigning a heading class to paragraphs used as headings but would be no help to screen reader users.

6.2.6 Read more

Unusual treatment, coded as input fields. They do not appear in the list of links for a screen reader user.

6.2.7 Keyboard only

No access at all – clicking on the tab key didn’t enter the site at all, the site is inaccessible to people who can’t use a mouse.

6.2.8 Colour Contrast

Some headings and “Read More” text were in a pale blue that doesn’t meet the standard.

6.2.9 Alt text

Some alt text on images.

6.2.10                      NZSL Video

None found.

6.2.11                      Video/captions

Yes the site did have video however these did not have captions or transcripts.

6.2.12                      Rich Experience

The site did present a range of content: text, images, video.