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6.3 Green Party

Home page Green Party website


6.3.1 Overall Findings

The site uses a range of communication methods; text, images and video.

Some pages, especially in the Policy section, have summary statements at the top of the page in bold text: this is very helpful to people with a wide range of impairments as well as busy people in a hurry.

Some content in PDF but once downloaded was accessible.

Overall, this website presented the least number of barriers to people with disability and was the only site to include New Zealand Sign Language video.

6.3.2 Breadcrumbs / Sitemap

The site has breadcrumbs, a pseudo site map at the bottom of each page and also a discrete sitemap.

6.3.3 Hyperlinks visible

Hyperlinks are distinct from text, however they are in dark green (branding!) and some other links paler green – can cause confusion for people with colour blindness.

6.3.4 Syntax

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6.3.5 Headline hierarchy

Present in the main text body however, could be applied into the footer menu to allow navigation between sections.

6.3.6 Read more

On news pages there are links of just “More”, these are ambiguous to screen reader users.

6.3.7 Keyboard only

No highlight of skip to content links. Good highlighting for links on the body but not for menu and links outside of the body text.

6.3.8 Colour Contrast

Footer menu of pale green on darker green doesn’t meet the standard.

6.3.9 Alt text

There were few images that had alt text.

6.3.10 NZSL Video

The site has some New Zealand Sign Language video.

6.3.11 Video/captions

The site has video and they have captions but no transcripts.

6.3.12 Rich Experience

The site presents content in a number of ways: text, images, video and sound. On some pages the first few lines are in bigger and bolder font which is helpful to low vision users and to all people who are just scanning the pages.