December 2010

Season's greetings

We wish all our customers and suppliers well for the festive season. May 2011 be a prosperous and successful year for all.

AccEase will be open for business again on January 10th. We look forward to working with you in the New Year. In the meantime happy and safe holidays.

December 2010

International Day of Disabled Persons

December 3 is the UN international day of disabled people. The theme this year is Keeping the promise: Mainstreaming disability in the Millennium Development Goals towards 2015 and beyond. This is important because unless poverty among the 650 million people worldwide is reduced the Goals will never be achieved. The goals contain no mention of disability so there is much to be done to ensure disabled people's rights are implemented and they are included in development. As Prof Gerard Quinn has said, "We are all developing countries when it comes to disability."

November 2010

Recent blog posts

Find out more about our work and the things that are important to us; Business collaborationaccessible elections and Disability etiquette. Just a few recent posts onLow Visionary, Robyn's blog.

November 2010

Inclusive engagement. Who are you missing?

Robyn will be exploring the 20% plus of the community who can be overlooked, and some strategies for constructive connection at IAP2 Tuesday November 9. More information on this IAP2 event.

October 2010

New directions for spring

Spring is finally here and AccEase is busy with new projects

Two of the three presentations made by Robyn and Mike during the past week have been about information accessibility in association with Write, the plain English specialists.

The other presentation was a workshop on disability awareness, or disability competency as we prefer to call it, for a government department.

We are excited to be collaborating with Write, and look forward to more activities with their team. Watch this space

September 2010

Plain English week

Finally for Plain English Week some Plain English pointers

• Think before you write

• Know your audience

• Use everyday language your readers will be familiar with

• Use short, clear and concise sentences, 15-20 words maximum

• One idea in a sentence is best

• Use short rather than long, complex words and jargon

September 2010

Plain English Week

The UK Plain English campaign describes plain English as

• faster to write

• faster to read

• likely to get your message across more easily, more often and in a friendlier way and it is

• energy and paper efficient!

• not about dumbing down information

August 2010

Plain English Week

This week is plain English Week. Plain language adds value to accessibility and usability. Well written plain English is useful for everyone.

Plain English is language that the intended audience can understand and act upon from a single reading. Plain English is useful for all readers but is not the same asEasy Read.

Plain English benefits everyone, from people with /English as a second language and people with poor literacy, to people who need to deal with information in unfamiliar settings, such as legal documents or complex health related information.

We will be adding some more plain English information during the week so watch this space

August 2010

E-Text Guidelines available

AccEase is a member of the Australasian Round Table on information access of people with print disabilities which has just released the above guidelines.

The Guidelines can be downloaded for a variety of accessible formats as you would expect. They take into account style guides and best practice from Australasia and around the world.

Anyone who is preparing electronic documents will find the publication useful as will those from specialist transcription agencies, government and public bodies, corporates and other organisations which understand the necessity of making their information accessible. People who are print disabled will also find them useful in advocating their need for accessible information.

August 2010

AccEase at E-Engage Your Community unconference

AccEase will be presenting on Accessible web for all - how to make sure your online front door welcomes everyone - at this unconference on Saturday, August 21 in Wellington. A great opportunity for community people, not for profits and the web community to interact. Find out more at the E-Engage Your Community site

July 2010

Real world usability testing pays off

A large government department, which plays a critical role in New Zealand's economy, is benefitting from our usability expertise. The department has recognised the value of our "real world" testing approach. Their diverse customers will now be able to successfully fulfil their legal requirements online.

June 2010

The eight top accessibility faults in government web sites

Over the years AccEase has assessed and surveyed hundreds of New Zealand Government web sites. We have found some common problems which create difficulties for users. We identify the top eight.


April 2010

AccEase to give opening keynote for Australasian conference

Robyn will give the opening keynote address at the Round Table on Information Access for People with Print Disabilities conference.

The theme for the conference is Think Globally, Act locally.

Robyn will consider the practical implications of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)in relation to information accessibility, looking at the rights and the obligations involved.

The conference will be in Auckland at the Heritage Hotel from May 23 to 25 2010.

Robyn's presentation will be published here and on the Round Table site.

March 2010

Updates on web and information accessibility

Check Out our Low Visionary blog which is running a series on ten points to accessible information.

Robyn recently gave a presentation on the basics of web accessibility for communications people from not-for-profit organisations See the slides onSlideshare.

February 2010

Belated welcome

A rather belated, but warm, welcome to Bill Dashfield Bill comes to us with a great track record as an accessibility champion and practitioner with a number of project implementations to his credit. Bill is currently based in the UK, giving us an international profile!

February 2010

New paper Getting The Word Out

The paper is subtitled; Communicating and using international (human rights) conventions. It was presented at an international disability and development conference in Australia.

Getting the Word Out includes sections on; standards and accessibility, communications planning, making information accessible and alternative formats

January 2010

A New Year and a new start

It's a new year with new web content, new browser versions, new operating system versions. If you haven't had an accessibility assessment in the last 18 months contact us now.