December 2009

Everyone loves accessible web sites (new article)

First published in New Dialogue Spring 2009 - NZ Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations. Accessible web sites are often seen as boring, and as a bit…well PC...

Read article "Everyone loves accessible web sites".

December 2009

NZRA finalist in the ONYAs

The New Zealand Rehabilitation Association website has just been announced as a finalist in the "Best accessibility" section of the ONYAs web awards. The site was designed and developed by Springload and AccEase provided accessibility advice and testing throughout the project. Congratulations to William Levack, website owner, who was a stickler for accessibility from day one.

November 2009

Disability Clothesline

Robyn Hunt spoke at the launch of the Disability Clohesline on White Ribbon Day25th November. She encouraged supporters to sign a sheet to hang on the clothesline and disabled leaders to tell their stories of violence and abuse by decorating t-shirts. "We want the clothesline of t-shirts to go right round the Beehive and run the length of Lambton Quay," she said.

November 2009

Engage Your Community

Mike recently attended the first day of the Engage Your Community conference held in Wellington. Excellent range of speakers covering a multitude of topics from how to use social media, telling compelling stories, exploiting the "long tail", usability on a shoestring and more. A provocative day - highly recommended for web owners and managers in the not-for-profit sector or anyone who is targeting and building face to face and online communities.

October 2009

New Government Web Standards from October 31st

The new New Zealand Government Standards have been available for a while to allow time for owners to make any necessary upgrades. If you need any assistance in getting your site in order, please contact us.

September 2009

AccEase launches new services

"All the information for all the people all the time" doesn't mean just the web - check out our new information accessibility services.

We hope you like our new website - please give us feedback.

July 2009

New website and new services coming soon

Watch this space, at least a different looking space for our new website which is in final stages of preparation.

"All the information for all the people all the time" doesn't mean just the web - new offering from AccEase coming soon.


May 2009

New Zealand Sign Language Week

Sign Language is in Your Hands

New Zealand Sign Language Week Logo - a butterfly painted on the backs of two hands spread in a butterfly shape

The theme for this year's Sign Language Week, 4th -10th of May is New Zealand Sign Language is in your hands. AccEase testers are a winning team. Sara Pivac Alexander has been awarded Sign Language Teacher of the Year. Congratulations Sara!

For more information about activities for the week, (and we recommend the theatre production,) visit the web site

New Zealand Sign Language is in Your Hands

February 2009


Mike and Kalpesh recently attended Webstock, a two-day conference in Wellington featuring a wide range of thought-provoking speakers on matters web.

Why do we attend? Webstock is committed to a standards-based and accessible web (we like their principles) and we come away inspired and with useful information we can apply to our work.