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We've updated some of our workshops and introduced some new ones on our training page.

What's on the blog

Low Visionary will be connecting with the international community on Blogging Against Disablism Day (May 1) and Global Accessibility Awareness Day (May 9). Take a look at recent posts on invisible disabled women and finding a "voice".

The rise of the e-book

We are already one third of the way through the year. As well as developing and delivering new workshops and booking speaking gigs, Robyn has been immersing herself in the growing world of e-books. She was recently invited to a meeting with a working group of the National Library to explore a sustainable business model for e-books in public and school libraries.

The range of formats and devices for reading e-books presents a real opportunity for access to print material beyond the seven per cent currently available to print-disabled people. This will require cooperative action from governments, publishers, libraries, digital-based businesses and authors.

Know your rights to accessible information

"All the information for all the people all the time" - means just that.

Find out about your rights in relation to accessible information and engagement and how to complain.