Advice, Assessment and Skills Transfer

Engage and grow your market and audience through improved:

  • communication accessibility
  • information accessibility
  • web accessibility
  • and accessible engagement with disabled people in communities and organisations.

AccEase delivers change by: 


You will get guidance and advice that is practical and grounded in real-world applications from AccEase senior consultants who have many years of experience in their respective fields.

We work with diverse organisations to develop accessibility policy and big picture strategy through to the finer details of implementation.

Kickstart: engagement on a shoestring

This is an introduction for organisations who want to connect with disabled or older people. Our Kickstart engagement workshop delivers access to otherwise harder to reach audiences instead of leaving that more than twenty percent of the population in the too hard basket or off the radar altogether.

Audit, Assessment and Testing

The range of audits and assessments delivered are based on best-practice and recognised standards and have been developed over more than ten years.
You get direct, meaningful insights (real-world testing) into how your communications reach diverse audiences from our panel of testers with a wide range of impairments.


You can select half or full day workshops:

  • Real World accessible communications and information accessibility
  • Real world web accessibility
  • Real world accessible engagement
  • Reach disabled people with social media
  • Real world disability responsiveness or cultural competency (disability awareness)
  • Or, a combination, customised for you.

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