Consulting Services

Are your communications failing to reach their target audience?

They may be unintentionally inappropriate, inaccessible, irrelevant, disrespectful, badly timed or in an unusable format. AccEase will help you avoid these pitfalls so your message gets through to all the people you want to reach.

Kickstart: engagement on a shoestring

This is an introduction for organisations who want to connect with disabled or older people. Our Kickstart engagement workshop delivers access to otherwise harder to reach audiences instead of leaving that more than twenty percent of the population in the too hard basket or off the radar altogether.

Open up new perspectives and possibilities to reach new audiences and markets.

Contact AccEase to get your organisation started on the path to wider engagement.

Are you sure your web technology delivers to all of the intended audience?

With the pressure to put more information and services online simple things that make a website accessible are often overlooked. AccEase focuses on real-world, practical accessibility - doing the simple before the difficult.

Who are you missing when you consult your communities?

Everyone is included when you use AccEase's practical strategies. 

Does your organisation have the knowledge to do everything it should and could?

AccEase provides specialist insights into your organisation's culture, knowledge, resources, structure, methods and processes. These insights come from our in-depth knowledge of your customer base.

Do you want to be a responsive and inclusive organisation in your day to day processes and activities?

AccEase has the theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and tools to help.

Do you need workable policies to make the change?

We have experience in developing real-world policies with supporting material that produces results.

Contact AccEase to discuss how we can help you reach all your target audiences.