Training - practical, real-world workshops

Real World accessible communications and information accessibility

A half-day workshop introduces you to the basic concepts, principles and tools of information and communications accessibility, the people who need it and why accessibility is more and more important, with practical “real world” strategies and techniques to make it work to your business advantage.

  • Open up new perspectives and possibilities to reach new audiences
  • More integrated and manageable communications strategy

Real world web accessibility 

This can be an introductory session for those who need to know the benefits and the basics, why accessibility is important on the web, what you need to know to make it happen, and some “real world” strategies for success. 

  • You’ll comply with government requirements
  • Reach all of your intended audience
  • Exceed your customers’ expectations without breaking the bank
  • Reduce complaints.

We also offer a more technical workshop for more technical people. This works best as a half day workshop in which you will learn the basics as well as how to address some accessibility challenges and common accessibility faults. 

  • Cost-effective, practical ways of making your website more usable for everyone
  • You'll be up to date

Real world accessible engagement

Who are you missing? You will learn about the profile of people who are missed in many engagement processes, the barriers they face and practical “real world” opportunities and benefits of creating meaningful and inclusive engagement and consultation that will give you best results. 

  • Increase your engagement with hard-to-reach communities
  • Cost-effective engagement
  • More robust and sustainable outcomes
  • Better community relations
  • More cohesive, connected communities

Reach disabled people with social media

Keeping in touch through social media is critical today. This workshop offers an introduction to disability and social media, and how disabled people use them. It will explore some accessibility issues and workarounds, and discuss “real world” examples.

  • Reach a wider audience cost-effectively
  • Be where your audience is

Real world disability responsiveness or cultural competency (disability awareness)

You will be introduced to disability in New Zealand today, learn about the communities of disabled people and those who support them, understand what an inclusive organisational culture might look like and the advantages and benefits it brings. You will have the opportunity to develop practical “real world” skills and knowledge about respectful language and interaction in a welcoming, friendly and practical atmosphere in a workshop based on respectful human rights principles. This workshop is always led by a highly experienced disabled trainer. 

  • Better customer/community relations 
  • Increased staff confidence and competence interacting with disabled and older customers
  • Improved productivity as a result of knowledge and understanding
  • Fewer complaints

All our workshops provide opportunities for questions and discussion.

All workshops are customised for your organisation’s requirements. Contact us to talk about options

Workshop participants discussing a plan.