Are you able to access the information you need?

Everyone needs accessible information.

"All the information for all the people all the time" reflects who we are and what we do. (services link?) We help organisations make their information accessible to all the people, all the time. We also help them engage and communicate with disabled people.

AccEase is led by a disabled person and the team includes a panel of disabled people with a range of impairments who play a critical role as testers of web sites.

Expect information, communication and engagement to be accessible

You have the right to accessible information. The New Zealand Human Rights Act, the Disability Strategy and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Articles nine and 21) all support this right.

The catch-cry “Nothing about us without us!” supports disabled people’s rights to have a voice in decisions that affect them.

Government departments and ministries must make their web sites accessible and they must comply with their own web standards

Complain about inaccessible information

If information is inaccessible you should complain to whoever owns or has published the information.

  • If the problem is web related, make sure the problem is with the web site, and not some unrelated technology problem.
  • It may take a while to find the right person to talk to, but make sure you do.
  • Clearly describe the problem you have, and tell them what you would like to happen to fix the problem.
  • Record the name of the person if you can and follow up with them later if you are not happy with the outcome.
  • If nothing happens there are other ways, access Complaint Line New Zealand to complain.
  • You may also want to talk to your representative disability organisation such as Disabled Persons Assembly (DPA),   People First,  the Association of Blind Citizens  or Deaf Aotearoa.   Sometimes it is helpful to complain as a group.

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